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2002 EMMA Jury Event
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2002 EMMA Jury Event - Background
"North America was chosen to host the judging as the next logical step. As North American entries normally account for over 40% of our total submissions each year, it seemed appropriate that an opportunity should be sought to broaden the judging activity across the Atlantic.," said John Rodgers, Chief Executive at the EMMA Foundation. "We look forward to co-producing a world class event in a country, Canada, where the digital media industry continues to thrive."

Competition is fierce, with entries from across the planet vying to be judged the 'best of the best' of interactive media. Additional competition categories have added for 2002, along with IMAT's Innovation Award - honouring the spirit of innovation, to reflect the growth of new technologies. Master classes on emerging trends in corporate and consumer interactive multimedia content for CD-ROM, web design, mobile and iTV will be provided to the digital media community. In addition, IMAT will be organising a number of industry networking events and a VIP dinner with keynote speaker.

This autumn, the spotlight traveled to Toronto, as our city became the destination for the 2002 EMMA Awards Jury Event, held Oct 15-20, 2002. This is the first time in the history of the EMMAs that these prestigious Awards were judged in North America.

Selecting Toronto to host the 2002 EMMA Awards Jury Event reinforces Canada's growing reputation as producers of world-class digital content.

"The EMMAs provide the opportunity for IMAT (celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year) to increase the international recognition of Canada and Toronto as a thriving new media centre," says Kren Clausen, president of IMAT. "Canada has the highest rate of high-speed Internet penetration in the world, providing an excellent environment for innovation and development of digital media content," Clausen adds.

Since 1991, the EMMAs have been recognising excellence in digital media content creation around the world. The EMMA Foundation encourages the creative, technical and professional development of digital media content on a worldwide scale. The Foundation provides an environment for developing networks, sharing knowledge and creating partnerships across the Industry.

About IMAT

The Interactive Multimedia Arts and Technologies Association is a new-media trade association dedicated to fostering growth and convergence between all partners in the new media cluster to strengthen the development, growth and recognition of Ontario's world-class digital-media industry. IMAT provides research, professional development, marketing, promotion and international trade opportunities for the New Media industry.

About EMMA

The EMMA Foundation encourages the creative, technical and professional development of digital media on a world-wide basis. Designed to support individuals and organisations who think and act globally, the Foundation provides an environment for developing networks, sharing knowledge and creating partnerships across all branches of the industry. It is a dynamic platform for a dynamic sector.

The EMMA Foundation has been established as a not for profit company which: Builds a networking community for the digital media industry Funds educational programmes, activities and scholarships Promotes the creation of high quality digital products and services Acts as a resource centre for International digital content creators The EMMA Foundation website is a single source of information for those with an interest in the digital media industry, whether as a customer, corporation, participant or commentator.


The Mission of the EMMA Foundation is to facilitate the personal and organisational development of the people and companies currently producing content or tools and technologies that further the growth of the global New Media Industry. In so doing, the EMMA Foundation will provide a focal point for ‘best practice’ in the industry and thereby contribute to the expansion of professionalism within the New Media Industry.

Strategic Functions

The EMMA Foundation operates in three overlapping strategic areas:
  • The Industry Awards Programme – The International EMMAs
  • The facilitation of personal and/or corporate developmental activities associated with the Awards Programme
  • The management and administration of the EMMA Foundation

Target Audience

To achieve this Mission the EMMA Foundation conducts the annual EMMA Awards as the catalyst for its developmental initiatives in the following target areas:

  • Professionals currently working in the New Media Industry
  • Students studying and learning institutions providing programmes in areas that could lead to a career in the New Media Industry
  • Senior Managers and other Stakeholders in New Media Companies currently providing New Media Services.
  • Organisations that purchase the services of New Media Companies
  • Organisations that service the needs of companies or individuals directly involved within the New Media Industry

For more information, please visit the EMMA FOUNDATION website.

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