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2002 EMMA Jury Event
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2002 EMMA Jury Event - Winners
2002 International EMMA Winners

The International EMMAs Jury Event took place from October 16-20, 2002, in Toronto. Over 36 judges from around the world participated in the jury process judging the excellence of digital media content. This year’s 2002 International jury event was executive produced and organized by the IMAT. IMAT along with other association partners organized networking and educational events along with a industry VIP dinner with Keynote speaker – David Turnbull, Associate Minister, Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation.

Business Applications Categories

Business Support
  • Greiner Extrusionstechnik - Vogel Audiovision GmbH
    A highly specialised service offering to a relatively low-profit market sector, information presented in a comprehensive, accessible and relatively immersive format. The ability to digest the information, textually, graphically, demographically and otherwise facilitates the salespersons ease of learning and, by extension, increases their sales effectiveness.

Business Training
  • Bell Nexxia’s International Value Proposition - Sun Microsystems Inc, Canada
    An entertaining and intuitive use of the medium to convey a learning message (an overview of the company) in a concise, easy to follow and remember pattern. It speaks to its market with text, music, animation, video and colours, ensuring that it can be watched several times without the user feeling bored – it engages without preaching and puts multi-formats to wonderful use.

  • - DNA Consulting Ltd, UK
    A fantastic replication of a consumer’s ideal shopping experience making use of advanced multimedia tools, navigation and information. It is a great experience to design your own custom rooms. The site is easy and intuitive to navigate, find information and decide on purchase options.

Communications Categories

  • Wimbledon 2002 - Ogilvy Interactive, UK
    While it may have proven even more successful as a desktop executable, this project successfully applied the much-maligned ‘banner’ technology and format, developing new creative applications for the environment, without overburdening the viewer unnecessarily. The multi-platform (PC/Web and PDA) execution extended the brand’s shelf life very simply and very smartly. This is a great example of creative, innovative and responsible use of available technologies, in service to the brand’s exposure.
External Communications/Brand Building
  • - Max Weber, Germany
    In a strong category this stood out because of its character and humanness. We really felt we knew the brand. Simple, humorous and effecting.
Internal Communications
  • Il Valore Delle Persone (The Value of People) - ZigZag Visual
    The visual impact of this entry is quite stunning. It is clear that Zigzag Visual went to great lengths to communicate the company’s message to its intended audience. It is also clear that they have spent a great deal of time thinking about the cultural aspects of change management, and have presented the material accordingly.
Product Marketing
  • Africola - MSH@more Werbeagentur GmbH
    This site had a unique but consistent navigation. The style decisions supported the product marketing, and the engaging nature meant that you never lost the Africola experience. The design and functionality are very strong. There is a creation of strong relationship programs across multiple platforms.

Entertainment Categories

  • - MTV UK
    This site is an engaging and well-executed online extension of the TV series by allowing fans of the show to control actions of the characters in their own home.
  • - Bitcasters
    This site nails the target audience perfectly. Its intuitive and consistent design is thoughtfully executed. The material is well organised and clearly presented with a fresh approach.
  • Bon Jovi Webcast - Universal Music International
    A laudable notion that receives major kudos for its innovation, carving the channels for new possibilities in live entertainment. A great starter example of multimedia in service of music production.

Games Categories

Console Games
  • Conflict: Desert Storm - SCI Games
    In a year flooded with military shooters, Conflict: Desert Storm ranks among the best. It has got great style and plenty of action. The visuals alone are a great example of why to purchase an X-Box.
Online Games
  • Neverwinter Nights - Bioware
    This innovative use of online dungeon masters adds an exciting twist to online roleplay. Takes Dungeons and Dragons out of the basement and onto the Internet.
PC Games
  • Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos - Blizzard Entertainment
    Another startlingly well-designed hit from Blizzard. There are many instances of careful balancing of units and abilities, and great variety among the races. Beautiful cinematic sequences frost this superior gaming confection.

iTV Categories

Enhanced TV Programmes
  • – Topsail Entertainment
    The tall ships enhanced TV programme website shows the effective integration with its broadband component to enrich and continue the user’s experience. It is a shame that this level of attention is not paid to more TV programming.
Interactive Advertising
  • MTV’s Ad-Break Tennis – MTV UK
    A little stroke of genius, neatly done. Ad-Break Tennis cleverly exploits interactive technology to capture the user’s attention during a TV ad-break.
Interactive TV Series
  • BBCi Project Hull – BBC Interactive Television
    An innovative exploration of community-based interactivity, combined with a comprehensive programming experience.
Interactive TV Programmes
  • Test the Nation Interactive on Digital Satellite - BBC
    The interactivity was totally integrated into the TV format and gave an additional dimension to audience participation.

Multiple Platforms and Devices

  • — BBC
    Quality content distributed on many platforms to reach many users, using various tools such as television, Internet and mobile. The simple navigation structure allows access to a wealth of information. The use of SMS to talk to this age group on such a topic as education is great. The format is so successful that it continues every year.

Learning Categories

eLearning 3-18
  • - 3T Productions Limited
    The wide range of stories and activities provides ample opportunity for a child to engage in a different experience each time. It is very engaging and above all makes learning fun. The design appeals to both girls and boys alike and is extremely easy to use. The teacher support is excellent, the curriculum mapping and the ease in which they can set up lessons are impressive.
eLearning 18+ Fixed Media – CD
  • Genetics in Clinical Practice: A Team Approach – Dartmouth Medical School
    A fantastic example of educational use of ‘simulation’ using rich media coupled with a solid, well-researched pedagogy.
eLearning 18+ Web Media – CD Learning 3-18
  • Building Homes of our Own – Media Options
    An extremely involving program that takes the user through a whole series of educational situations and insights to what is required for designing and building a home. The 'role play' style of educational strategy is very effective and adaptable for adult use.
Learning 18+
  • The Trench - BBC Interactive Factual & Learning
    The Trench is a truly multimedia piece. By using a combination of TV, ADSL, website, Video, animations and essays, it provides the user with an immerse interactive experience.
  • - Multi-M
    Rich content that fosters both the concept of collaborative learning and the role of instructor as facilitator.

Lifestyle Categories

  • -
    This non-profit organisation has a great mission: saving innocents from languishing in jail. Real life case studies help to increase the profile of this topic and its growing relevance.
Cultural Expression
  • - Canadian Broadcasting Corp Radio 3
    Belgrade 2001 is a well-conceived web documentary about life in contemporary Belgrade after the changes in Yugoslavia. It offers a sensitive treatment of a challenging and contentious subject making full use of multimedia.
  • - 4Learning
    A site which makes a wide range of complex health issues accessible and attractive to a youth audience.
Hobbies and Leisure
  • - BBC Interactive Factual and Learning
    The curiosity of beginners and chefs alike will be satisfied concerning all manner of recipes as they navigate this encyclopaedic site. It is also a focal point for all of the BBC’s programming concerning cooking and food. It invites commentary and discussion from all. Another fine public service from the BBC.
News and Zines
  • - CNN
    A well constructed site that satisfies the needs of a modern news-hungry audience. Its clear layout allows rapid access to targeted news, whilst in-depth reports provide good background information.
Public Instituitions /Services Information
  • - Southern Poverty Law Centre
    This website has been expanded since September 11th 2001 to address the challenge of anti-Muslim stereotypes. The site now takes up the gauntlet and addresses bias and prejudice by offering thorough and enlightening tests which make full use of the online potential of the web. ‘Test yourself for hidden biases’ makes this valuable site even more useful in the quest to promote tolerance in a troubled world.
  • - Ogilvy Interactive
    This site really encourages the user to become a member and sign up. It provides excellent branding for the whole community and keeps the user engaged for an extended period of time. There is real depth to the site, which makes the user experience fulfilling and offers a lot more than you would expect.

Student Categories

Student CD
  • Unknown Zone – Academy of Media Arts
    An engaging presentation that bridges the gap between artistic and commercial.
Student Web
  • - Sebastian Cramer & Patrick Jacobi
    Introducing the world of the ‘Nano’ is a daunting task. This site, which presents a view of the world from the real to the subatomic, is a compelling and understandable treatment of an extremely broad subject.

Technical Excellence Categories

  • Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos – Blizzard Entertainment, USA
    Extremely compelling content that sucks the user into the storyline. Powerfully engaging with cinema quality production values.

Innovative Interfaces
  • Thuiszorg, ook jouw zorg (Homecare, your care) - Frismedia
    A great product, presented in an engaging and immersive format. The designers have created an innovative interface that is supremely intuitive, deceptively simple – considering the wealth of video content – and immensely manageable. Little touches, such as the video screen moving left to right, serve to assure the user that no stone was left unturned in the creative strategy phase of this product.

  • Medieval: Total War - The Creative Assembly Ltd
    The game soundtrack and score is lush, well-mixed, and adds dynamically to the gameplay. The extensive diverse musical tracks sound authentic and fully engage the user. Bravo!

Technical Innovation
  • - Immersion Studios
    Amazing integration of multimedia with major effects on the senses. Interaction with parts of the presentation is a wonderful learning tool. They exceed excellent, there is no-one close to this level of innovation. When you wish to define Technical Innovation, all you have to say is ‘Immersion Studios’.

  • - Alamy
    If you search through the high volume of information, the product makes your task easier by the implementation of technology. The auxiliary tools make searching very effective and rewarding, which represents the judges’ interpretation of Usability.

Gold Award

  • Warcraft III: Reign Of Chaos — Blizzard Entertainment
    Once again a games title wins the Gold Award for Excellence, but we make no excuses for this decision. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos gained attention from judges in the Animation, PC Games and Technical Innovation categories.
    The game was chosen as the winner because it vividly illustrates the potential for digital media to make a finished product far greater than any of its individual parts. The stunning graphics, audio and animation grab a player from the onset, drawing them into the storyline and characters. Once the story has begun, the scenarios have great variety and are intuitive for all levels of player.
    Our judges came from various fields within the digital media industry, and not all were experienced "gamers". That all of them found something compelling says everything about how this product could attract the broadest possible market. Art, technique and commercial viability have come together with this game. Enough said.

EMMA Jury Event Was Sponsored By: Telefilm Canada, Canadian Heritage, Toronto New Media Trainers Alliance, Ontario Media Development Corporation, the Ministry of Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation, City of Toronto Economic Development, Ontario Exports, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, PlanetCast Productions, Convergenet Projects Inc., The CD-ROM Store, Devlin Applied Design and Montana Ridge.

For more information, please visit the EMMA FOUNDATION website.

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