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IMAT Export Marketing and Promotion Program
As a nation, Canada exports nearly eighty percent of its Gross Domestic Product, primarily to the U.S. market. The search for new markets continues to be a primary growth engine for the economy in general and for digital media companies in particular. Recognizing this, IMAT has developed an innovative export marketing and promotion program for companies in the digital media sector. Growth limitations based on a limited market size and a slowing economy make export development a necessity and a priority for IMAT and the companies in the digital media sector.
Marketing Strategy
IMAT will attend a number of important trade shows that are strategically selected to be of greatest benefit to the sectors that Ontario digital media companies typically engage in business relationships. Using a targeted marketing strategy, trade show selection will be based on relevance to the digital media sector, likelihood of developing export relationships, and greatest potential for sales to the digital media companies participating in the export marketing and promotion program.

IMAT will promote the digital media companies participating in the program through trade show presentations, seminar participation, personal interactions, and through lead generation developed prior to trade show attendance. IMAT marketing and promotion personnel are fully experienced marketing and promotion experts, with long histories of successful business development, account management and partnership development.

IMAT will also make representation for program participants to both inbound and outbound foreign trade mission where foreign companies are present. Presentation to companies remains a high priority due to the likelihood of developing personal relationships, potential sales or co-production opportunities. Where possible, participating companies will be invited to meet with potential partners and clients on a one-to one basis to maximize.

Co-op Marketing Materials
IMAT will produce export marketing and promotion material comprised of a general promotional piece of highlighting the benefits of Ontario Digital Media companies and the advantages of doing business with such companies. Additionally IMAT will make available the opportunity for companies to have company specific product sheets. These template driven product sheets will be used in conjunction with the more general marketing materials, and companies have the option of using them in stand alone situations. IMAT will make available the digital files for companies to produce additional product sheets for their own purposes

A limited number of companies will be selected for this program and a small participation fee will offset some of the costs of producing the marketing and promotion material.

Co-op Trade Show Booth Space
IMAT has negotiated optimal pricing for trade show booth space for a number of important trade shows. As part of the export marketing and promotion program, IMAT will offer companies the opportunity to share booth space of a cost basis. This allows for smaller companies to leverage the exposure usually available only to larger companies. Initial trade shows targeted for attendance include Milia/Mip TV, Real World Linux Show, E3, and Cannes Film Festival.
Sale Representation
Companies can elect to have IMAT act as a Sales Representative in foreign or domestic markets. This allows smaller companies to extend their sales force without adding overhead to their operating costs. This also allows companies to be in two places at once. Fees to companies are commission based and are negotiated on an individual basis. Contact the IMAT export program director for more information.
The IMAT Export Marketing and Promotion Program is open to all companies producing products and application for culture or commerce within digital media encompassing all digital delivery of production mediums. e.g. entertainment, games, animation, business applications, informational.
Companies must have products or services that are export centric and have revenues that will sustain export activities. Export development takes time and companies must be prepared to make the commitment required to succeed in the export marketplace. Co-production partnerships place unique challenges upon companies, with increased administration and sales development costs due to distant partners being an integral part of the export initiative. However the rewards of export development far outweigh the costs, but an informed decision about considering export activities must be undertaken.


IMAT's recent export marketing and promotion mission to Milia and MIP TV resulted in the development of a number of export opportunities with European companies and partners. While attendees to both trade shows were down significantly from last year, MIP TV proved to be a hot market with reality based TV shows integrated with a cross media strategy attracting the interest of major buyers from England, Europe and the US.
Milia was much more of a conference and networking opportunity then the MIP TV market, but one wireless partnership relationship was developed with more follow up required for other leads generated. Companies creating cross media experiences will find Europe very advanced in the acceptance of cross media and very developed in transferring the emotional appeal of one media property to another.


Over the next few months we will be leading delegations to a number of destinations and trade show. Our trade show strategy differs from many and is based on past successes. If youčre in a fish market, you want to be selling frying pans, not fish like everyone else, so we have selected a number of trade shows that where companies are likely to find potential customers, clients, or partners.

Milia/MIP TV. France
Combined shows this year. This mission would be ideal for companies that service the entertainment sector. Internet, wireless, ITV as delivery mediums of games, entertainment or content driven applications.
Milia and MIpTvCross media opportunity, great European Networking. The Milia folks really know the importance of social networks and do a great job of brining people together. Lots of iTV and Network Television opportunities for digital media

April - Cool Linux Things @ the Real World Linux Show April 28th-30th
Got cool apps that run on Linux? Then IMAT has an opportunity for you. We've worked out an arrangement for developers who have Linux content applications either desktop or server based with the folks who produce the Real World Linux show. By sharing booth space under a Cool Linux Things banner you can show and demo amazing content. Lots of cool flash applications, PHP or Soap, it doesn?t matter, as long as we think it's cool.
May - E3 [Booth Space]
IMAT is now gathering folks for the E3 Show in Los Angeles May 13-15. Our IMAT booth can be shared with another company if interested and those signed up for the export development program will be well represented at this trade show. E3 attacks the interest of game developers and publishers, entertainment and infotainment companies and the general public.
IMAT will also be setting up meetings with other potential partners or distributors, at the request of the companies represented through the IMAT Export Sales Representation Program.
Export ready companies interested in sharing booth space should contact IMAT asap, as space is going fast.

May - Cannes Film Festival
The big one. Lots of stars, glitz, and non-stop hustle. This is a great event if you work the convergence entertainment markets or work with the film and entertainment companies. Two years ago we sponsored a coffee lounge outside the main festival and ending up socialising with some of the most important people in the entertainment business. Game developers take note.
The Cannes Film Festival attracts producers and stars from around the world. Cross media now plays an accepted and expected role in entertainment properties. Extending the emotional impact of a film's characters and character reply heavily on interactive experiences and cross media marketing strategies. Sign on for the IMAT Export marketing and promotion program and you can be represented at this exciting festival.

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