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The Interactive Multimedia and Arts and Technologies Association (IMAT), Canada's largest, and fastest growing, non-profit, member-supported business association is dedicated to fostering growth and convergence between all partners in the new media cluster to strengthen the development, growth and recognition of Ontario's world-class digital-media industry. IMAT provides industry research, professional development, marketing, promotion and international trade opportunities for the New Media industry.

IMAT serves as a networking group, actively supports industry initiatives and seeks partnerships with other organizations. Through skills development, industry collaboration and it's own initiatives, IMAT works toward creating a strong and vibrant new media industry and fosters the growth of the knowledge based economy.

Our membership ranges from medium and large companies who have successfully penetrated international markets to independents working in lofts developing innovative interactive applications. The support industries -- hardware and software manufacturers, financial, consulting, and human resources specialists, -- are also a important support partner of the IMAT membership.

IMAT's total membership exceeds 1000 members, with a mixture of professionals and newcomers who work in a variety of disciplines within the Canadian interactive new media industry. The IMAT membership has youth, entrepreneurial spirit, passion and a commitment to innovation and excellence.


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