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Recent Accomplishments
Emma Awards

IMAT is honoured to have been selected as executive producer and to co-produce the 2002 Emma Awards Jury event for the first time in North America” , says Kren Clausen, IMAT President. “The EMMA’s high standards and recognition of excellence in digital media reflect IMAT’s commitment to excellence in digital media”.

The EMMA Foundation had discussions with many groups who wanted to produce these events, but IMAT’s alignment to our values was the factor that most influenced our decision”, said John Rogers, Chief Executive, the EMMA Foundation. “We look forward to co-producing a world class event with our partner”.

This years event will be comprised of the Jury event ,where entries from around the world will be judged, a global web-cast of the VIP dinner keynote speech, and where the IMAT Innovation Award will be awarded to a Canadian firm that best demonstrates innovation in digital media content creation. Also planned are a series of Master Classes with internationally renowned experts selected from the Emma judges, and several industry networking events to be produced by IMAT.

The combination of international judges interacting with local industry and its stakeholders furthers IMAT’s goal of fostering co-operation and collaboration between industry groups, associations, and the stakeholders who support the industry”, says Aurel Langlois, Executive Director of IMAT. “ The EMMA Awards provide the opportunity to work together to increase the international recognition of Toronto as a world class New Media centre".

IMAT Career Site- Brainhunter

As part of its responsibility to assist all new media professionals in advancing their career and finding gainful employment, IMAT has partnered with Brainhunter to provide a new media Career site. The IMAT Career site provides up to date career opportunities and to foster upgraded job search skills.

E-learning Conference- Ontarget

IMAT produced the first e-literacy conference for Ontarget in May of 2002. The conference was the first conference event for Ontarget and IMAT was honoured to produce this important conference that focused on the future of e-learning and it’s impact on secondary and post secondary institutions.

Shareware- Holiday Fund Raiser

For the past three years IMAT in partnership with First Tuesdays, Wired Women, Digital Eve, Spadina Bus to produce The Shareware Party; a Holiday Charity Fund Raiser. Proceed from the event have been used to support; Beat the Street, support for homeless youth, Street haven, for women at risk, and ReBoot, dedicated to providing computer hardware and software to those with a need for computer literacy.

Collaborating to Win- Digital Speaker Series

Much of the development work within the interactive new media community comes as a result of the desire to create original applications and services. Knowledge of advances in research constitutes and important source of high value knowledge. In partnership with CITO, IMAT developed the “Collaborating to Win” digital media speaker series to foster collaboration between the research community and the interactive new media community. Noted national and international speakers shared their insights and knowledge with a standing room only audience.

The highlight of the series was noted new media visionary and architect, Hani Rashid, Adjunct Associate Professor of Architecture at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation in New York. Mr. Rashid was the keynote speaker at Digifest, produced by DxNet.

Fusion Project- Non Profit New Media Incubator Research Study

In partnership with the Ontario Media Development Corporation, IMAT secured funding for a research project to determine the validity and structure of a non-profit new media incubator. IMAT managed the project and performed the analysis of research data, which assisted the OMDC in its program development for the new media industry.

Professional Development Series - HRDC

IMAT completed another successful year of its professional development strategy. This past year marks the most successful year of professional development activities by the association. Through the generous support of Human Resources Development Canada, IMAT developed a professional development program that consisted of 33 events divided between business development, management and technical skills. Video excerpts of the Best of BizTrak were made freely available to the industry on the IMAT web site.

Past Accomplishments

IMAT's position as a respected and credible representative of the Canadian interactive new media industry, has been confirmed by several appearances before the Canadian Radio and Television Commission.

>Recently IMAT was honoured to present to the CRTC during the hearings into the potential regulation of interactive new media. IMAT's insightful analysis of the issues led to the association being chosen by the commission as the first presenter at those hearings and led to widespread press coverage on radio, television and in print.

IMAT represented the interactive new media industry at the Copyright Board hearings concerning Bill C-32, the proposed levy on blank recording media.


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