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Membership Profile
IMAT never loses sight of the fact that our primary mandate is to serve our members and the New Media industry. IMAT's total membership exceeds 1000 members, with a mixture of professionals and newcomers who work in a variety of disciplines within the Canadian interactive new media industry, and enjoy varying levels of financial and creative success.

The IMAT membership has youth, entrepreneurial spirit, passion and a commitment to innovation and excellence. The profile of the membership consists of men and women 18-35 who can be characterized as innovators and early adopters of new technology and tools with income ranging from $25-75 K per year.

Our membership ranges from medium and large companies who have successfully penetrated international markets to independents working in lofts developing innovative interactive applications. The support industries -- hardware and software manufacturers, financial, consulting, and human resources specialists, -- are also a important support partner of the IMAT membership.

Also represented in the IMAT membership are major banks, universities and community colleges and many high-profile and influential legal, accounting and consulting firms, such as Cassels Brock and Blackwell, and the Royal Bank. Membership has gown by 20% over the last two years, with Students and Corporations segments being the largest membership segment.

Several companies have shown their faith in a healthy Canadian multimedia industry by becoming IMAT Sponsors, making important financial and partnership commitments to the association. These are special people without whom IMAT could not continue to strive towards its goals.

The best way to reach IMAT members with information on your companies products or services is by becoming an IMAT Sponsor. Our partners have the unique opportunity to showcase their products and services to professionals and new media management working in the industry. CLICK HERE to explore the advantages and opportunities of IMAT Sponsorship.

HOME  > GENERAL INFORMATION > Membership Profile

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