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Peer to peer networking offers countless benefits to new media workers, whether its knowledge of the latest and greatest development tool, and technology, business or job opportunities, peer to peer networking can't be beat for it's cost, efficiency and sheer social pleasure. IMAT's primary networking activities are the SIGs and BizTraks but IMAT also offers a number of alternative networking events.

IMAT hosts a monthly summer Jazz night at the Reservoir Lounge to continue to provide networking opportunities through the summer months when the SIGs and BizTrak's are on hiatus.

IMAT hosts a number of networking parties every year. The Shareware Holiday Charity Fundraiser parties formed out of an early collaboration between IMAT and WebGirrls for a Christmas Holiday party which has now evolved into a charity fundraiser sponsored by five digital economy associations working together to show collaborative between industry groups while working towards a common cause.

Shareware 1.0 raised significant funds in December 2000, which were donated to Beat The Street and Street Haven. Beat the Street offers shelter to youth living on the streets, and Street Haven offers shelter to women and children leaving abusing relationships.

Shareware 2.0 in December of 2001 raised money for ReBoot a non-profit organization that takes older computers, refurbishes them, and donates them to young people who would not otherwise have the opportunity to become computer literate.


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