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IMAT Speaks
IMAT Speaks is archive of addresses, remarks, speeches and papers presented by IMAT's President, Executive Director, Board Members and other officials. These documents analyze, and comment on, developments in the newmedia industry locally, nationally and globally.

All documents are available in either HTML or PDF format.

IMAT 2001 AGM - President's Remarks
[Now Magazine Lounge, Toronto]

An analysis of IMAT's programs and initiatives in 2001, and an outline of the association's direction in 2002.  Address by Kren Clausen, President, IMAT


Opening Remarks - IMAT BizTrak Panel Discussion
"Export Success Stories & Strategies"
[Metro Hall - February 13, 2002]

Exporting is a new opportunity for many. International sales of both fee-for-service content creation, and content producing, is a new area that as Canadians we have major competitive advantages over other countries in the world. The Canadian dollar, our lower of cost of operations, loser cost of real estate, labour based tax credits, Research & Development Tax credits, Science grants, and the list goes on and on -- all of this gives us a unique advantage in exporting our new media services, technologies and products worldwide.
Remarks by Kren Clausen, President, IMAT


Opening Address
Web Hosting Conference
[The Strategy Institute, Metro Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada - June 6 & 7, 2001]

All of us in any organization or corporation, no matter what department we are in or position we hold, are affected by the essential ingredient called bandwidth. Switches, routers and intelligent network technologies assist in managing and optimizing the bandwidth in Local Area Networks. But the same issue holds true for the Wide Area Network -- the Internet.
Address by Kren Clausen, President, IMAT


Submission to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
[October 1, 1998]

"IMAT has appeared before the CRTC on two previous occasions. It respectfully requests that it be invited to appear at the Public Hearing, to further expand on its members' experiences in the multimedia industry in Canada today, and to respond to any questions the Commission may have."  Excerpt from the opening remarks of Aurel Langlois, President, IMAT



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