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2002 IMAT Innovation Award
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Immersion Studios wins 2002 IMAT Innovation Award
"Immersion Studio's is both honoured and delighted to be the recipient of IMAT's Innovation Award for 2002. This recognition from Canada's New Media leaders is directly attributable to the work of the exceptional people who make up the Immersion Studio's family". Said Stacey Spiegel, President and CEO of Immersion Studios. "For five years they have tirelessly strived for excellence building, a world-class technology platform and the group interactive digital content that brings that technology to life".
The 2002 IMAT Innovation Award was presented by The Honourable David Turnbull, Ontario's Associate Minister of Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation at the Courtyard Marriot in Toronto on October 17.

"The IMAT Innovation Award was created to honour the spirit of innovation that characterizes Canadian digital media and to highlight the contributions of Canada's best and brightest new media producers," said Kren Clausen, President, Interactive Multimedia Arts & Technologies Association (IMAT). "IMAT is proud to recognize Immersion Studios for its world-class digital media concepts."

18 finalists were selected from over 80 nominations received between September 9, 2002 and October 10th, 2002. Nominees included Immersion Studios, Marblemedia, ThinData, Lab Idee Clic, ZarinMedia, Digital Wizards and many more. A panel of judges comprised of new media professionals and industry experts from across Canada collaborated to select the finalists. The IMAT Innovation Award was presented will become a yearly recognition of the growth and opportunity within Canada's world-class interactive new media.

About Immersion Studios  [VISIT IMMERSION STUDIOS]

Immersion Studios is a world leader in interactive cinema development and production with a proven track record in the conceptualization, production and implementation of interactive cinema and education/information experiences. Production teams at Immersion Studios work exclusively in digital, high-definition content, using the latest hardware and software to provide the most compelling live action and computer graphic animation available. The proprietary software developed by Immersion Studios allows productions to be created as dynamic interactive experiences where the audience is not simply a passive observer but plays an active role in the unfolding narrative of the story itself.

10/18/2002 5:00:00 PM
Interactive museum exhibits recognized by IMAT
Winning firm Immersion Studios spawned by U of T architectural profs

Immersion Studios of Toronto, whose software platform has been used to create displays for institutions such as Montreal's iSci science museum and the Smithsonian museum of natural history, won the first annual innovation award from the Interactive Multimedia and Arts Technologies Association.

Read the article on the website CLICK HERE.
IMAT Innovation Award

Innovation has always been the touchstone of interactive new media. A burning desire to innovate, to do something no one else has done before, combining art and technology, in a way that is unique, entertaining and informative.

Passion, desire, commitment, talent and the ability to raise project funding are the key ingredients that carry forward the spirit of innovation and create the success in interactive new media.

Innovation fuels the entrepreneurial spirit.

The IMAT Innovation Award honours the spirit of innovation of those industry pioneers by recognizing their contribution to the medium and celebrates the excellence of their work.

Judged by a jury of peers from across Canada, the IMAT Innovation Award will become a yearly occurrence, fittingly inaugurated in IMAT's tenth year of fostering growth, opportunity, and recognition of Canada's world class interactive new media.


2002 IMAT Innovation Award Judges
  • Clint Eland, Mercury FilmWorks, Vancouver
  • Steve Comeau, Collideascope, Halifax
  • Kren Clausen, ConvergeNet Entertainment, Toronto


2002 IMAT Innovation Award Finalists   [Finalists chosen from 85 entries.]
  • 3D on the Net
  • Big Orbit
  • Digital Wizards
  • GalaXart
  • Help Caster Technologies
  • Ignite Studios
  • Immersion Studios
  • Jestertek
  • Jive Media technologies
  • Lab Idee Clic
  • Long Bow Digital Arts
  • MarbleMedia
  • Red Communications
  • Sharp Media
  • Thin Data
  • Trapeze
  • User Friendly Media
  • Zarin Media

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