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Professional Development
Over the last 7 years IMAT has established itself as a key industry provider of continuous learning opportunities through a growing list of skills development initiatives including regular business [BizTrak] and technical [SIGS] seminars, presentations from individuals who are nationally and internationally recognized as New Media industry visionaries, panel discussions featuring recognized industry leaders, a robust Web site with planned distance learning capabilities through audio, video and text resources and job search resources.

Advances in technology demand new skills and create new job opportunities. Many industry professionals who have depended on their unique skills to earn a livelihood need retraining or skills upgrading on a continual basis. Companies wishing to capitalize on business opportunities face staffing shortages at both the junior and senior level. The IMAT Professional Development programs iare designed to address these Human Resource and Labour Force Adjustment needs.

IMAT has identified Professional Development as a top priority in the months ahead. We will continue to develop unique programs and initiatives designed to enhance the business and technical skills of New Media professionals in the GTA.

IMAT understands the staffing needs of the industry, the economic potential in new media, and how growth depends in part on attracting skilled workers from other sectors to become involved in the new media sector.

IMAT takes a leadership role in creating awareness of high-level skill development and the delivery of ongoing professional skills development for employees and business owners. In doing so, it is expected that new media professionals will develop additional skills to advance their careers in new media and relieve the shortage of senior and management workers.

IMAT's goal for all its professional development programs and initiatives is to provide accurate information and ongoing skills development to new media workers. Continuous skills development keeps new media workers intellectually stimulated, and competitively positioned in a rapidly changing and challenging knowledge based industry.

Stay informed, meet your peers, industry experts, and gain insight into the knowledge economy. IMAT is a meeting place of people and ideas within the industry. YOUR IMAT MEMBERSHIP provides discounts on all BizTrak, SIGS and other IMAT events.


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