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Industry Surveys [Online]

The studies listed below are a selection of the many available that examine our industry. These were chosen because they present a "broad-based" look at the industry, rather than focusing on a particular segment. All the surveys listed are avialable online, either as .pdf directly from the IMAT website, or as links to other sites where they are archived.

The surveys are arranged so that the most recent studies are listed first.

ICT Statistical Overview
Industry Canada is pleased to present the Information and Communications Technologies Statistical Overview (ICTSO). The ICTSO web site provides the latest data (statistics) available on the Canadian Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector and links to related reports. This site is updated on a regular basis and currently includes actual and estimated figures up to year 2001 (even year 2002 intentions for capital expenditures). Readers are invited to visit the site as new data and analysis are published as they become available.
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Canadian New Media Producers' Survey 1999 Final Report
MultiMediator Strategy Group Inc. conducted the most comprehensive survey of Canada's New Media producers since the IMAT study of 1995. The target survey sample consisted of 522 companies from MultiMediator's Company Directory, with the participating sample including 188 companies from every province and territory in Canada. The survey was conducted by telephone and covered issues like the size and age of the business, revenues, profitability, service lines, markets served, distribution, delivery media and export activity.
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New Media Works Study
In 1999, Toronto New Media Works conducted a study to better understand Toronto new media industry drivers, barriers, access to capital, labour markets and training systems. The study identified indicators and established baselines for future industry performance benchmarking.
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The Cancon New Media Sessions - Canadian Multimedia Developers Speak Out
Produced in 1998,. The CanCon New Media Sessions were the first privately organized discussions initiated to hear what the content producers have to say about the current state of their business. They were produced (facilitated and reported on) by Froman & Associates and were sponsored by Stentor Resource Centre Inc., n association with: Interactive Multimedia Arts & Technologies Association (IMAT), Association Des Producteurs en Multimedia du Quebec (APMQ), New Media West, MediaFusion.
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Playing To Win: The Digital Media Industry In Ontario
This report, from January 1998, signified the maturity and potential of digital media, an area that had become a key part of the growing knowledge economy, in Ontario and around the globe. Ontario should be very proud of the international reputation it has built in the industries of telecommunications, computing and the cultural industries.
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Recognising that business success comes from continuous learning, IMAT developed BizTrak Series to deliver high value business development information focusing on the daily operational concerns of New Media organisations and online initiatives. It provides a forum where business leaders, interactive companies and industry experts can come together, exchange ideas, and receive valuable information. Through the BizTrak Series, IMAT will support the profitability and growth of all New Media companies and interactive initiatives.

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1997 Survey Of Toronto's Multimedia Industry
The survey results comprised an first in-depth study of the multimedia industry in the Toronto area. The results were used to help develop a detailed picture of Toronto's multimedia industry, and to help inform understanding of emerging high technology industries in metropolitan areas.
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Preparing Canada For A Digital World
The Information Highway Advisory Council (IHAC) reconvened in June 1996 to begin the second phase of its mandate. Nine months earlier, IHAC had submitted to the federal Minister of Industry John Manley its report Connection Community Content (September 1995), which set out recommendations for an Information Highway strategy for Canada. At that time, Minister Manley had invited IHAC members to devote another year to giving the government and Canadians further advice on how to carry forward the policy agenda for the Information Highway.
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Client Survey 1996: An exclusive survey of potential Canadian multimedia clients
A survey of Canadian companies in the private and public sectors to determine the level of awareness of multimedia firms, their products and services, and the benefits of multimedia. Additionally, the purpose of the survey was to determine the range and average revenues for companies in the private sector, the aggregated amount of advertising conducted by these companies, and the varying uses for and the current and prospective popularity of multimedia products and service.
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Competitors Survey 1996 - An Exclusive Survey Of Multimedia Developers In Canada And The United States
IA competitor survey to determine the level of competitiveness in the interactive multimedia and digital communication industries in Canada and the United States.
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Survey Of The Canadian Multimedia Industry.
In 1995 IMAT partnered with Industry Canada in undertaking the very first survey of the Canadian multimedia industry.
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"It was clear that more information was needed in order to define this industry sector, as well as identify the issues impeding the growth of this sector. Canada possesses the production capability to become a world-class multimedia production environment and this survey provides some insight for both industry and government to realize this dream.

"The 1995 IMAT Survey of the Canadian Multimedia Industry is recognition of the commitment by industry and government to define and address the issues facing the Canadian multimedia industry. IMAT shares the vision of fostering the growth of a world-class multimedia production industry in Canada. IMAT's mandate includes a range of cultural and economic goals that parallel those of Canada as a whole. The mandate specifically calls for IMAT to help generate jobs for the multimedia and cultural sectors; to create an environment for economic development; to bridge the gap between information technology (IT) and culture; and, to represent emerging technologies."

Quotes from the foreword to from the "Survey Of The Canadian Multimedia Industry" - 1995.

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